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As a customer who loved the taste of coffee beans and always wanted to enjoy the most delicious coffee, the 43 Factory Coffee in Da Nang is a place you cannot miss. Let's find out the unique flavors in each cup of specialty coffee in the article below.

The third wave of coffee has changed the coffee-drinking habit of our civilization. A cup of Specialty coffee seems simple, yet sophisticated in many stages of preparation. And not any specialty cafe spots in Da Nang city can make the finest cup of coffee - like a premium cup of specialty coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in Da Thanh all will be in the article The Finest Specialty Coffee In Da Nang City.

In the coastal city of Danang with warm sunshine and cool breeze, there is the aroma of coffee wafting in the corner of Ngo Thi Si. That's where the premium coffee space of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster exists.

Following the world's coffee trend, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster was developed to become a professional roaster - a destination of specialty coffee in Danang. It brings premium coffee beans imported from hundreds of farms around the world to coffee lovers. Vietnamese, as well as travelers to Danang, could enjoy an authentic coffee experience, as long as people have a passion for coffee and pursue new adventures.

The finest Specialty coffee

At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, a cup of specialty coffee is made up of tangible and intangible things. With a diverse menu, coffee lovers could choose the drink that suits them the best: from gentle one like a cup of Milkbase, or a bit strange and passionate like a cup of Decaf and strong Espresso for an effective working day.

You can find other recipes with different names. But all kinds of drinks are made up of many factors. First of all, the excellent coffee beans are selected by 43 Factory and imported from qualified farms and cooperatives all over the world. The beans bring the quintessence from a faraway beautiful plateau with the love of the farmers there.
After that, coffee beans continue to be selected by workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster again. Workers remove the flawed beans to perfect the entire coffee for customers.

43 Factory has selected an advanced machine system carefully. With the mission of becoming a standard roaster, the machinery system is always particularly selected and preserved by workers.

>>> Learn more about Roastery Coffee in Da Nang and Coffee Roaster in Da Nang

Typically, with the desire to bring coffee from the heart and enthusiasm of the youth to people, baristas and waitress are always required to be young and full of love for life and aromatic beans. The love for coffee does not appear immediately. It naturally starts when young people begin to work at 43 Factory, the love and enthusiasm available in their hearts will be aroused strongly. They will be trained to possess brewing coffee skill, sensory skill and roasting skill to offer customers a perfect coffee.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a specialty coffee location in Da Nang - where premium cups of coffee are made.


A perfect space for coffee in Danang

The space at 43 Factory is also built for a perfect experience to enjoy Specialty coffee. With a large area, customers can easily choose a private corner or join a small society of coffee lovers.

An individual working corner, an outdoor space with trees and fish for the family meeting, a long coffee table to talk about drinks are preferred options. Customers could also turn to the bar to make friends with the Baristas of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

With a strong steel frame and rough brick walls, the aroma of coffee is stored in every air particle, in both brown and gently woven fibers to the corner of Ngo Thi Si street. The sweet fragrance of coffee which even a little girl loves opens up a forest of emotions and taste in the beautiful city of Da Nang.

So, are you looking for a cup of premium Specialty coffee, in a special space, in a beautiful city? Visit Danang and come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster for a special day! Stop and enjoy coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster and another Specialty Coffee in Da Nang.

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